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Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill

I never imagined myself buying a ghost from the net, this is one of the most absurd things I’m going to do in my entire life (I’m a bit exaggerated). Anyway, While I’m lurking around the bookstore, I saw this book entitled Heart-Shaped Box, I thought this is in a romance niche, but then I saw the sign wherein it is indicated that I’m looking at horror genre books. The book looks shabby that it seems to be classic. I was wrong, it is published last 2007 if I’m not mistaken. It made me aroused to pick up the book because I’m a horror/mystery/thriller fanatic and the title is so controversial (at least for me).

I read the plot of the story…It is all about an ageing rock star whose also a collector of some peculiar things. He saw somebody from the net is selling a ghost (you read it right, a ghost!). He loves collecting strange things, so he bought it for a thousand dollars. After a day or two, the package arrived and it made his life in pandemonium. The questions to be answered are: how would he manage to get rid of that ghost? Is it OK to just return the suit to the owner (that would be the greatest idea he can think of)? What if the owner said that remorse is not an option because the ghost is in his to be lived with? Are there any reasons why the ghost want to kill him in fright? That’s too scary for him… and he can only do one thing… that is to find the answers to the questions he had in his mind.

Before reading the book, I’m actually not so sure if it can scare me because I read a lot of ghost stories and I can say that most of them didn’t get what they wanted me to feel after reading their novel. Joe Hill proved me wrong, he got my attention and he scares me like crazy. The descriptions he used are effective of frightening the readers. He got me just after reading a few pages of the book. The way he wrote this novel is as simple as it can, but he knows how to play with the reader’s imagination. I’m not going to be surprised if he can really write horror stories because he’s the son of Stephen King, but their style of story telling is different.

I would recommend this book for those who love scary stories or just a reader who wants to experience on how to be scared. And please make sure that you have a lot of time before reading this novel because it is not an ordinary book that you can put down any time you wanted to, and I’m sure that it is a riveting book. And also make sure that you’re not alone while reading it because someone you can’t see just might be at your side!

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