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Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson, M.D.

Are you afraid of changes? Afraid that it might not suit your needs? Many of us don’t want to take the risks of changing because it’s out of our comfort zone, but what if that changes will make you more successful? We’ll never know unless we tried to cope with these changes… Who moved my cheese will let you realize how to endure with changes and why should we change if it is taking place. This is a short story of four characters, two were mice and the other two were so-called “little people”. Each character has their own attributes and difference in beliefs. The story is all about the cheese being taken away from its original place and how the four characters deal with the changes they will encounter alongside of finding the old cheese or moving on while finding a new cheese. It is also explained here the consequences might happen for the decisions you conjectured to do.

The book is categorized as non-fiction and is metaphoric to our life; cheese being the situation we used to, and the four characters, which is us. The author is so direct to the point of the overviews and is very lucid on the explanation on what should we do so that we can adapt the changes might happen or is happening in our life.

I will recommend this book to businessmen and also to any other individuals. Everybody can relate to the story because it might really happen in our everyday lives and will inspire every reader who wants to start anew. The story is also simple and can be easily understood by the mediocre.

This is one of my favorite non-fiction books.

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