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The Road by Cormac McCarthy

The story was set after the catastrophe. The Man and The Boy fight for their lives by finding for food, shelter and clothes to warm them. This is the world wherein your money can’t buy anything or to say: “The survival of the fittest” in literal way. The protagonists just continue their “walk” to find a place where there is a life, they are hoping to find it and live there, but there was none, what they are finding is far from what they are looking.

There are some incidents in the story where they lost their foods, clothes and almost everything because somebody will take it from them or robbed them. The question is: What life awaits them in their world? Will they become the “bad guys” who eat other human due to starvation? Shall they still fight for their lives or just give up and die?

It will be answered as the story goes…


The writing style is different from the books I’ve read; no punctuations, no long conversations and the book is not divided into chapters. For the readers who will read the book for the first time will get confused on the story because the author didn’t narrate what really happened and what’s the reason beyond the catastrophe.

I didn’t appreciate the book when I started reading it, though as the story goes, it came deeper and deeper in me and it turned out to be one of my favorite books. I had fun reading the book, though the story is heart-breaking. It made me cry in the end. It made me realize something that I’m nonchalant of: The love of your father/parents for you is unconditional, he/they will give everything for you to survive even though it involves pain and sufferings.

By the way, the movie adaptation of the book is also great. Just wait for my review for the movie.

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