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Mockingjay Launch Party

I’ve never been excited to a book launch, until Mockingjay…

August 29, 2010, the day when Mockingjay was officially launched here in the Philippines, and boy! It was great. The Launch party was held in NBS Bestseller Robinsons Galleria Branch. There were so many activities happened in that event like: book discussion, free food and drinks in Haymitch’s bar, picture booth (I don’t really know how they call that) and the most exciting part of the program was the LARP or the Live Action Role Playing Game. The program started by discussing the “The Hunger Games” and “Catching Fire” though they didn’t discuss stuffs from “Mockingjay” coz the discussion should be a spoiler free, and followed by the most awaited activity of the day, The LARP…

The GR Filipino Group invades NBS Bestseller's Mockingjay Launch Party

Tina is trying to shoot an arrow, but failed... hehehe!

I am very eager to attend the said event because I know that some of my friends in Good Reads and The FFP will also be there, and also to show my support to our group LARP’s lovers ( I really mean Tributes, hehehe!) Ariel and Tina, but sad to say that they got eliminated after the first round (though it’s really OK coz it’s their first time to join a game like this, and at least, they don’t need to bleed just to win). The event ended by awarding the Tributes and by giving them some prizes for joining the game.

The GRFG's "lovers" I mean, "Tributes"

After the event, Good Reads Filipino Group and The FFP  united for a dinner (I forgot the restaurant’s name) and had a blast of talking about books and bloggings. After a while, we can’t really get enough of the talking we’re having that’s why we decided to find another place where we can discuss the same things, and we found Coffee Bean as the most suitable place to talk about books and books and books. I adore these people when it comes to books and how they interpret the story. They are really awesome!

talk about books, books and books

Time came to really say our goodbyes, and I thought I’ll be home after a while. But wait! There’s more! Ranee called Jason while we are still waiting for our bus to go (thanks to the driver coz he still needs to fill the bus with passengers) and asked us if we want to go for a drinking session, so I said I’m into it…

Inuman session with Ranee, Jason, Ruby, Sheryll (Sheryll and Ruby is not in the picture).

We went to Watering Hole near Megamall and Shangri-La Mall with Ruby, Sheryll, Ranee, and Jason (Unfortunately, some of our friends didn’t make it to the drinking session coz they already on their way home). We talk and talk and talk until we got tipsy and finally said the final goodbye for the day. I got home around 4 AM and slept deeply and very happy.

GR and FFP peeps

I can’t wait for another meet up, and I hope it will be as soon as possible 🙂

***Thanks, Tina and Ruby for letting me use your pictures for my blog.

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