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The Thin Executioner By Darren Shan

Jebel is one of the sons of the executioner in their town (I forgot the name), a thin and accused as weak unlike his brothers. Time has come for his father to retire from being an executioner, so he endorse his two sons excluding Jebel to join a competition to become the next executioner.Because of his pride, Jebel think of joining the competition, but he knows it himself that he can’t win the game.

There is only one way for him to gain the strength he needs to win the competition, Jebel need to do a quest, he need to go in a certain mountain to seek for the god. For him to be granted a quest, he must find a slave who he can offer to the God of that mountain and ask for the invincibility he needs to win the competition. He didn’t fail on finding a slave for his quest and for that, he was granted a quest… This is where the story began…

The book tackles about the equality of the people living in that place, the relationship of a slave and the master. Shan also touched the most controversial topic, religion, though he wrote it in a fictitious and gruesome way (One of the scenes in the book is really disgusting that made me want to vomit). He is lucid on the message he wanted to tell his readers.

And in the end, Shan showed that nobody is perfect whether you’re in a high or in the lowest society, and everybody can be a tool for a change, it is not based on the status you have in your life.

Shan is really a good story teller. He can make you move and can keep you amazed all throughout his novel, this is what I felt while reading his Cirque Du Freak and The Thin Executioner. And because of this, I will certainly say that I am a fan of him.

And by the way, the ending? Did I say “The Ending”? Oh! The ENDING!

*** The names of the characters and places are weird, so I really can’t remember the names except for the protagonist, Jebel…

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