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The Bride Collector by Ted Dekker

What makes a good Thriller/Mystery books? It has to have:

1. A killer
2. The victims (the more victims, the merrier)
3. A FBI protagonist
4. A cliff hanger endings in every chapter.
5. A surprising twist in the story

I’m a fan of this genre, so it means I read a lot of books in this niche, and I confess that I’m already used to the plots of this
kind of story, and that made the story a cliche for me.

The story is all about Brad Raine, a FBI agent who will investigate the killings of the so called “Brides”. He will then probe
the profile of the killer in an asylum because the killer is probably a psychotic. He will eventually meet the patients of CWI, and will ask the help of those insane people. He’ll meet Paradise, a patient who can see ghosts and who happens to be the last “bride”.

When I’m reading the The Bride Collector, I almost know what will going to happen and who ends with whom and who the killer is, coz it is already told in chapter 2 who the killer is, so the guessing game for the killer’s name will stop in that chapter. What made me finish the book is I want to know how The Rain Man stopped the killings.

The story has the five factors of what a novel must have to be called a “mystery” novel. Sad to say, it is not that exciting story but this book made me to contemplate on to something… The question of “How can we say that a person is normal?” Can we say that he/she is not normal because she can see a ghost? Are the patients in asylum not really a normal people? Do the psychotics think the “outside people” are also insane because we can’t understand “their world”? Is being normal means being ordinary? It is really hard to answer those questions.

Though it failed me, I still had fun reading it… And still looking forward to reading the other works of Dekker.

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