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Atherton 1 : The House of Power

Ok, since one of my customers ruined my day, then I guess I’ll be doing my short review for Atherton today to relax my mind…

Edgar has the skill to climb a wall or a tree easily, that’s why he tried to climb the cliff through The House of Power. He is curious of what is  really happening there, and to seek for someone who can read to him the book he found in the tabletop, the book which can answer all the questions about the Atherton and why Edgar is in that world. “Atherton will fall” said in the book, but it is happening now, so how will they handle it?

I find the premise of the story good, but the execution is somehow lame. Patrick Carmen’s narration is so dry that I can put down the book easily and I felt not needing to finish the book because I know what will happen next, coz i already read it in other novels, in short, cliche. I’m expecting a good execution coz this is a dystopian novel, meaning war and apocalypse, but it failed me. though it can be a good introduction to explain what is a dystopian novel all about, but for those who already read some great novel in that genre like: The Hunger Games, The Knife of Never Letting Go and Unwind will be unconvinced of how the narration goes.

The ending is also a trying hard cliffhanger, though I will still read the second and third book because I have them in my list in Y2-D2 challenge.

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