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Birthmarked by Caragh M. O’Brien

“Every couple need to give up their first three babies to the Enclave(the higher society) before they can keep the fourth baby. Gaia, the daughter of the town’s midwife, and also the sucessor of her mother in doing the job is so pleased to deliver the babies under the qouta to the Enclave because she have faith in what the Enclave believes. Until one night when her parents got arrested by the guards of the Enclave with unknown reason.

Her parents left her a note, not just an ordinary note – it is made of symbols that she needs to decipher to understand what her parents are trying to say, and that note will change everything…

Gaia decided to go to the Enclave to save her parents after knowing that they are being scheduled to be prosecuted, and this is when she will decide to defy the Enclave’s belief…”

What made me buy this book? It is because of the cover.

After reading the novel, I’ve found out that most of the reviews are comparing this to “The Hunger Games”, which is for me, they are so different. The only way I know that they have in common is that the protagonist of their novel is a girl, and they need to do whatever they need to do for the survival of their loved ones, though they are different(in my opinion). I’m glad that I have read the two novels.

I love how the novel is written, it is descriptive and vividly explained. I felt I’m with them while the story is happening. Though it is written by a female author, but to my surprise, there’s more action than the drama, and it is what I’m looking in a novel. The ending is a cliff hanger and made me want to read the second book which is I’m sad to know that I still need to wait for it next year.

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