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The Long Walk by Stephen King

March 10, 2011 1 comment

The story starts when a hundred boys from different states of America joined a yearly “Long walk” contest. The participants need to walk without decreasing their speeds and without stopping until they reach the finish line. Each time they fail sustaining their walks is equivalent to a ticket, they can only get three tickets, the next one will be a gunshot in their heads.

What made me buy this book is because it is in my favorite genre, Dystopia. Maybe, I expect too much when I’m about to read this book.
Many reviews gave it a 4 and 5 stars ratings, which means, it is one of the best dystopian novel. And besides, I read somewhere that this is where Suzzanne Collins got her idea of her novel, The Hunger Games(One of my favorite novel).

I am disappointed when I finished the book. I felt like I wasted too much time reading the book. Though the premise of the book is good, but I think it is poorly written. I’m not sure if King rushed the novel or if he lacks of  idea when he is writing the novel. The sub plots are so hollow that it felt that it is not really needed in the story, that they are just a filler to reach King’s word quota.

The novel is just an OK for me, nothing special or spectacular that happened in the story. I will not recommend this novel to those who are looking for a “hardcore dystopian novel”.

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